Fire Damage Restoration Inland Empire

Fire-related damage is one of the most intrusive types of damage that can occur in a home or building. In this case, it is common for the entire structure to be affected and unfit for occupancy until the building has been decontaminated and repaired. Fire and smoke damage also typically involves the contents of the home, which can include clothes, furniture and all other personal belongings. Every fire-damage claim is unique because different elements in a home contribute to how and what is affected.

There are specialized procedures and equipment for restoration in which general contractors are frequently inexperienced. Paul Davis Restoration knows how different materials respond to fire, heat and smoke and know what steps need to be taken to minimize and control the damage.  There is very specific documentation required for estimating and total loss that is required for the insurance company to release funds for repair and replacement.  With over 40 years in the business you can rest assured that Paul Davis Restoration has both the restoration and general contracting experience necessary to return your home, business and belongings to their condition before the fire.  Our company is recognized as the most experienced reconstruction and repair insurance restoration contractor from coast to coast.

What can you do?

The following are some steps that you can take before we arrive. However, always adhere to the recommendations of your fire department or other responding agencies—your health and safety are more important than your possessions. Please do not take any unnecessary risks.

  1. Report the damage to your insurance company as soon as possible. Most companies have a toll free call center to take your information. Or you can always report the loss to your agent.
  2. If you must turn off your water, take steps to prevent your plumbing and/or heating supply pipes from freezing.
  3. If you have lost power and it is safe to do so, remove perishable foods from your refrigerator and freezer. The odor created by spoiled food is usually impossible to remove.
  4. Keep a listing of anything you have discarded and receipts for any expenses you incur in protecting your property. Most likely, your insurance claim representative will ask for these items.
  5. If you must relocate, even temporarily, give your insurance company a phone number where you can be reached.

After this kind of event, you want your home and life back as quickly as possible. At Paul Davis, we do just that.

How can you help?

You’ve suffered fire and smoke damage, and you’ve already taken the next step to restoration by checking out our website. Here are some important things for you to know to get back on track and face your claim more confidently:

  • Appliances/Electronics: Do not use any TV, stereo or electronic appliances until they have been checked by a technician. If the electricity is off, empty your refrigerator/freezer completely and prop the doors open with a rolled towel.
  • Carpets: Vacuum loose dry soot smoke particles from carpets. Make sure the vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter to prevent redistribution of fine soot. Avoid walking or tracking on carpet if possible. Do not use “do-it-yourself” home carpet cleaners.
  • Ceilings/Walls: Do not wipe or attempt to wash ceilings or other absorbent surfaces.
  • Doors: Close doors on affected areas to localize smoke odors as much as possible.
  • Food Items: Do not consume food items exposed to smoke or canned goods that have been subjected to excessive heat.
  • Furnace: Change the furnace or air conditioner filter if the blower is operating. Tape doubled pieces of cheesecloth over air registers with masking tape.
  • Furniture: If possible, avoid using upholstered furniture or handling drapes.
  • Pets: Remove all pets to a clean environment.
  • Plants: Wash plants with mild soap and water, cleaning both sides of the leaves.
  • Plumbing: Call a plumber to drain and winterize the system if the heat will be turned off in the winter.
  • Windows: If possible, open windows to ventilate.